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Booming Korean Casino Selling Stock

News Brief: The owner of the only South Korean casino, Kangwon Land, in which South Koreans themselves can bet starts trading on the Kosdaq market. Investors expect a rally that will establish it as the index's third-biggest stock.

South Korea's Casinos Share Price Rise Sharply

News Brief: The stock price of KangwonLand has jumped to over 120,000 won ($94) in the over- the-counter market, posting a 223 percent increase rate since the beginning of this year.

Lottery Fever Heats Up in South Korea

News Brief: A South Korean lottery promotion is tempting citizens with the concept of how much satisfaction is derived merely by buying tickets and dreaming of the riches waiting to be won.

Korean Company Exporting Online Casino Game Software

News Brief: Hoonnet says many international companies from Japan and Southeast Asia are contacting the online gaming firm to establish local joint ventures or exports of its gaming software.

Study Offers Cross-Cultural Comparison of Korean Casino Patrons

News Brief: According to a study, the different behavior of foreign visitors to Korean casinos provides a glimpse into their respective ethnicity and culture.

South Korean gamers go online

Koreans Lead Online Gaming in Asia

News Brief: The popularity of online gaming in Korea appears to be linked to the high uptake of broadband Internet access.

Cheers and Loathing for Korean Casino

News Brief: Las Vegas veteran finally gets to live out his Bugsy Siegal-esque dreams in a small mountain town in Korea.

Korean Government Acts to Cut Losses at New Casino

News Brief: Hoping to curb excessive losses by individuals, the Korean government advises measures to ease concerns, such as the lowering of the maximum bet per game and the shortening of its business hours.

Korean Gov't Blocks Efforts for Another Casino for Korean Nationals

News Brief: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said it would not permit another casino for Korean citizens. The first one opened in late October.

Korean Casino Lures Others to Follow

Crowds are flocking to a new casino in Kangwon, Korea and other provincial governments are jockeying for position to get the central government's permission to build casinos in their own regions.

New Locals' Casino Brings Problems to Korean Community

Barely a week has passed since South Korea's first casino for locals opened and problems are already cropping up.

South Koreans Stampede To New Casino

News Brief: The opening of a Small Casino Hotel no for South Koreans caused a third day of chaos Monday with thousands of people clogging roads to the remote mountain town of Chongson.

First Korean Casino to Rekindle Dying Coalmining Town

News Brief: The South Korean government allows the very first casino for Korean clients to open in hope it will revitalize a former coalmining city.

Seok- Dae-Do Island Casino Project in South Korea Proceeds

Hans R. Banziger the President of Sungold Gaming Inc. says they are moving forward with a US $300 million project which will consist of a high stakes Hotel/Casino Destination Resort with associated Amusement facilities.

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